Improved iClicker+ available in CU Book Store!

Many of your instructors use iClickers to conduct live Q&As in class. If any of your classes require an iClicker, you can now get the new, improved iClicker+ in the campus bookstore!

The new iClicker+ offers lots of improvements:

• Compatibility: Don’t worry! If you already have an iClicker 1, it will still work. It is not necessary to upgrade to an iClicker+.
• No Cost Increase: The iClicker+ costs the same as the prior campus-standard iClicker 1.
• Smaller and lighter: It’s easier to handle and store, and uses less plastic and packaging.
• Better battery: It uses two AAA batteries instead of three, while offering the same battery life as the iClicker 1.
• Better keypad: A clearly marked power button is recessed, to help avoid accidental power up, and is set apart from the A-E buttons. In addition, the A-E buttons are large, clearly labeled and contain Braille characters.
• Improved voting: LED lights next to each button provide better voting confirmation.
• Frequency memory: It remembers the last frequency used, so you only have to reset the frequency if you’re using it for a different class.

It is important to register iClickers with CU-Boulder, so faculty can accurately assign voting results to students.

(Please note: Do not register devices with the commercial iClicker registration page.)

CU-Boulder’s Physics department has been leading testing of the new iClicker+ both on campus and nationally, with good results. They’ve also tested favorably with several CU-Boulder student groups. Based on the positive feedback, CU-Boulder selected iClicker+ as the new technology standard.

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