i>Clicker Update Is Not Compatible with Campus Base Stations


On Monday, April 1, 2013, i>Clicker announced a software update to version 6.2.4. The announcement was only supposed to have been sent to campus administrators, but some faculty were included on the announcement. Though this update is available, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) strongly recommends that no one install it at this point in time. The base stations that have been placed in classrooms all over campus, as well as those registered to individual instructors, are not compatible with this update.

To learn more about CU-Boulder’s i>Clicker service, go to the CUClickers page. If you would like to be added to a CUClickers e-mail list that would be used to notify you of i>Clicker updates and service changes, please contact Rob Leary at Rob.Leary@Colorado.EDU or call 303-735-3071.

Website: http://www.colorado.edu/oit/node/11665

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