Human Resources Skills Development Workshops

Facilitated by Tom Sebok, Director, Ombuds Office 

Creating a Respectful Working and Learning Environment [November 8, 2012]

What would a working and learning environment in which everyone felt respected look like? How would people act toward one another? How would conflict be dealt with in such an environment? How can we recognize units where this is already happening and encourage even more of that – both there and elsewhere? What would it take to develop and maintain such an environment? These challenging and important questions will not be neatly answered in this highly interactive half-day workshop. Participants will learn about successful proactive organizational change strategies and also discuss options available to leaders and to non-leaders for encouraging a more respectful working and learning environment here at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Applying Principled Negotiation to Workplace Conflicts [February 19, 2013]

Everything in the workplace isn’t negotiable – but much is and many daily interactions in the workplace involve negotiation. In this highly interactive half-day workshop, attendees will be introduced to the concept of ‘principled negotiation’ and learn how to apply it in a variety of situations. Through the discussion of case studies and group activities participants will learn a variety of strategies - getting to interests instead of positions, managing the people problems (emotion, communication, and perception) so that substantive issues can be addressed, generating options for mutual gain, and using objective criteria to manage or resolve conflicts and “get to yes.” 

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Workshops will be held at the Administrative Research Center building (ARCE) on East Campus, Room 346.


Contact: Yee Chan, 303-492-8103

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