Huemer recipient of inaugural Adams Prize in Philosophy

Michael Huemer

The Taylor Charitable Trust, in partnership with UNC’s Program in the Humanities, has awarded the inaugural Adams Prize in Philosophy to Professor Michael Huemer of The University of Colorado Boulder. Huemer’s research focuses on epistemology, ethics and metaethics.

The Adams Prize was named in honor of UNC philosopher and Kenan Professor E. Maynard Adams (1919–2003). The $50,000 prize was awarded to the best essay addressing the philosophical views of Adams as expressed in “Ethical Naturalism and the Modern World-View” (1960). 

The Taylor Charitable Trust is a nonprofit that provides support to several projects including the sponsorship of the Adams Prize. The Trust plans to sponsor future essay competitions on each of Adams’ major philosophical books on a biennial basis. Information on Adams’ views and these competitions can be found at

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