Goodbye global innovators?

Join a discussion on understanding how America’s immigration and visa policies impact innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship, during an Oct. 16 luncheon at the Center for Community, Flatirons Room. (10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., registration 9:30 a.m.) Registration required. The event is free of charge thanks to the generous support of the General Electric Foundation and partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder.

The Global Innovation Forum of the National Foreign Trade Council and University of Colorado Boulder organized the discussion and lunch in partnership with Boulder Chamber, Boulder Economic Council, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Denver South Economic Development Partnership, South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and the Partnership for a New American Economy to explore policy issues surrounding the ability of the United States to attract and retain top global talent. The purpose is to convene students, faculty, entrepreneurs and business voices to understand how current policies affect business, startup and university communities to inform better the debate surrounding high‐skilled immigration and global mobility policies in Washington.

The conference will engage business and education leaders in the region in a dialogue about the importance of public policy to innovation. It is meant to elicit stories about how individual successes contribute to the U.S. economy, understand how current policies may prevent or impede foreign‐born individuals from pursuing job‐creating activities in the United States, and attempt to draw out a discussion of how the American Government and educational system can help enhance the ability of foreign‐born individuals to contribute to the U.S. economy.

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