Get the FAQs: RTD Smart Cards for faculty and staff

Effective Jan. 1, 2013, CU-Boulder’s Faculty/Staff Eco Pass system will be converting from an RTD sticker on the Buff OneCard to the new RTD smart card system. RTD is making the change to provide better information to be used in pricing and managing their pass programs and will be adding electronic payment options later next year as well.

What is a smart card?
The RTD smart card is a contactless card that is similar to a photo ID (like the Buff OneCard) that contains a chip that stores Eco Pass data. The smart card is electronically reloaded in RTD’s system each year and simply turned off when an employee is no longer eligible.
How does it work?
Riders simply tap their smart cards on the validator and show the driver the card when boarding the bus.
Will I have to get a new picture taken for the new card?
No, the same photo files used for the Buff OneCard will be used for the new RTD Eco Pass card.
Will I have to carry this card separately from my Buff OneCard in order to utilize my Eco Pass?
Yes, RTD validation stickers and vinyl sleeves will no longer be issued, a Buff OneCard will no longer be valid to ride RTD routes.
When will I get my new Eco Pass smart card?
You can expect to get your new Eco Pass smart card by mid-December in the annual Eco Pass renewal mailing from our office.
When can I begin using my new Eco Pass smart card? And what shall I do with my 2012 RTD decal?
You may begin to utilize your new smart card pass upon receipt. You can dispose of your 2012 RTD decal and sleeve; because the new smart card system is electronic, your new smart card will be automatically reloaded each year, eliminating the need for PTS to mail a new card/updated decal each year.
Will this change affect the Guaranteed Ride Home Program?
No, the Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH) and process will stay exactly the same. For more info on how to use the GRH, visit our website.
Parking and Transportation Services will follow up with further information about RTD’s move to a smart card system for the Eco Pass program as more details become available. Check the PTS website for updated Frequently Asked Questions about the smart card.


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