A flood update from your student government

Monday, Sept. 30 was the official kick off the CUSG Buffs4Boulder 100K in 30 Days Challenge. We will be selling T-Shirts and stickers in conjunction with the non-profit team Colorado Flood Relief every day this week in the UMC by the Alfred Packard Grill. This is a wonderful opportunity to wear your Colorado pride on your sleeve through donations to a trusted local response team.

Over the past two weeks, your student government has been advocating for additional flood relief measures alongside the great efforts of the Office of Student Affairs. Through monetary donations and ad hoc programs, hundreds of Buffs have been given direct support via CUSG initiatives. Between enhancing Student Legal Services, the Volunteer Resource Center, and Off Campus Housing and Neighborhood Relations to respond to Buffs affected by the floods, as well as funding direct student aid, CUSG has pledged over $100,000 to students. Now we are working with student groups across campus on fundraising an additional $100,000 to aid the recovery process for students and the Boulder Community at large. You can count on the promise that we will continue to fight on behalf of every student burdened or displaced by our severe September weather.

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