Faculty Teaching Excellence Program Events Fall 2012


The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program (FTEP) offers a number of individual and confidential services to faculty, as well as Symposia and Technology Forums. FTEP offers the following during the Fall 2012 Semester:

Consultative Process

Classroom Learning Interview Process (CLIP):

Upon request at the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program’s website, FTEP Faculty Associates will facilitate a discussion among a faculty member's students to gather information about their learning experiences in a particular class. CLIP is useful for both tenure-line,
early career faculty as well as experienced faculty who appreciate the opportunity to view their students' learning process through a different lens. Results are confidential; faculty members may use them for critical self-reflection or use them as one of the multiple measures of their teaching requested by their departments and or colleges.

Classroom Videotaping:

An FTEP associate representative will videotape the instructor teaching a class session. Afterwards, in a confidential consultation with an FTEP Faculty Associate, the faculty member will view the tape. The instructor will be able to recognize and validate the strengths in his or her teaching and the learning environment created in a specific course, and discuss techniques to try in areas that can be improved.

Survey of Good Teaching Characteristics Consultation:

This 35-item survey of teaching descriptors (unlike the FCQ) asks students to help an instructor in assessing his or her teaching. It is an excellent way to identify students' perceptions about specific teaching areas and see how the students' perceptions match the instructor's own expectations. After the results of the survey are tabulated, an FTEP associate will meet with the instructor to discuss them in detail.

Teaching Portfolio Consultation:

The teaching portfolio gives you the opportunity to reflect on your teaching, in theory and practice, and, working within the guidelines of your department, helps you develop a portfolio that suits your individual style. We encourage all teachers at CU-Boulder to compile a Teaching Portfolio - a collection of selected documents authored by you, recording your teaching philosophy and your teaching performance. An FTEP associate can consult with you during this process.

Teaching Discussion (only):

A faculty member may request to have a discussion of concerns about one or more aspects of teaching. Including FCQ's, classroom management, or any other issue.

These individual services to faculty are confidential. Register at: www.colorado.edu/ftep/services/index.html

Monthly Symposia and Short Courses

Well Argued? Well Written! A Writing Workshop, Elissa Guralnick, Professor of English, College of Music facilitates five 3-session writing for publication workshops. Attendance required at all 3 sessions. Registration required, www.colorado.edu/ftep/events/schedule.html

Teaching With Toys: Abstract <-> Concrete, Mary Klages, Professor of English; Eric Stade, President’s Teaching Scholar and Professor of Mathematics and Mike Eisenberg, President’s Teaching Scholar and Professor of Computer Science, will explore using concrete artifacts, to illuminate abstract concepts within their disciplines. Wednesday Oct 10, 3:00-4:30, ATLAS 200. 

The Importance of Emotions in the Classroom: Challenges and Opportunities, Joaquin Espinosa, Associate Professor of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, how non-violent communication, humor and vulnerability transform the classroom into a powerful learning environment. Wednesday Oct 31, 3:00-4:30, ATLAS 200.

Further details available at www.colorado.edu/ftep/events/schedule.html

Monthly Using Technology in Teaching Forums

Get With the Times! Using PowerPoint and Prezi for Lecture Delivery, facilitated by Hillary Potter, Professor of Sociology. This interactive workshop, intended for both novices and seasoned PowerPoint users, will demonstrate and explore effective ways to use PowerPoint and Prezi, a recent technological addition to presentation media. Workshop attendees will need to bring about 10 minutes of a lecture to be developed into a PowerPoint and/or Prezi presentation. Thursday Sept. 20, 2:30-4:00 pm, ATLAS 200

How to Create Community among Participants in Online Courses, facilitated by Sam Gill, Professor and Associate Chair Religious Studies. How can online courses be developed and presented so that everyone feels some personal connection with one another through the term of the course? This ‘how to’ presentation will offer a number of examples and techniques that help to create community and even take advantage of the distance among participants. Thursday Sept. 27, 3:30-4:30, ATLAS 200

VoiceThread Technology Forum, facilitated by Mark Knowles, Director of Anderson Language Technology Center. CU-Boulder obtained a campus-wide site license for VoiceThread, a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos (including Word or Excel documents). VoiceThread allows people to navigate slides and leave comments 5 ways. In this introductory workshop, Marl Knowles will teach the five most important VoiceThread skills you need to explore this powerful tool and help get you up and running for incorporating it into your curriculum. Wednesday Oct 24, 2:30-4:30, ATLAS 200

Further details available at www.colorado.edu/ftep/events/schedule.html

Website: http://www.colorado.edu/ftep

Contact: Mary Ann Shea, Director, Faculty Teaching Excellence Program

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