Environmental Justice Discussion Series: Fracking a Messy Business

Dirty water

Hydraulic Fracturing also known as “fracing, fracking, hydrofracking, or fraccing,” is a technique used to extract conventional and unconventional natural gas. The introduction of horizontal drilling has resulted in a massive gas boom that has brought about jobs in areas of unemployment. Despite the economic benefits, as the industry grows, the public has become more and more concerned about environmental impacts such as water quality, air quality, and health effects. Many environmental groups have begun to push for increased federal regulations, while the gas industry has lobbied for state level regulation. This discussion will analyze whether or not hydraulic fracturing should be federally or state regulated and will compare Colorado and Texas on produced water regulations. 

Join us Wednesday, Mar. 6 in the Dennis Small Cultural Center, UMC 457 from 2-3 p.m.

This discussion series is hosted by the Assembly for Sustainability and Equity (ASE). Contact ASE to learn more volunteer opportunities and environmental justice issues.

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