CU's Gay-Straight Alliance hosts Queer Sex Ed!

Queer Sex Ed is an all-inclusive sexual education experience that some students may not have received in grade school, as well as an opportunity to further branch out and become aware of other means of sexual expression and practice. The event will include presentations from CU's own Community health about safe sex practices and means of proper conduct involving sexual partners (ie communication, protection, etc), as well as a demonstration by Sex Educator Laura Kille, who has spoken at this event numerous times in the past and has been well-received. We will also have a portion of the night dedicated to Q&A involving a Panel of our Peers, in which students will have the opportunity to personally pose questions to a board made up of various people representing the intersectionality within our campus community.
Looking for an awesome sexual education experience?? Come to Queer Sex Ed, hosted by the Gay-Straight Alliance at CU Boulder!
WHERE: University Memorial Center, Room 235
WHEN: Sept. 26th from 8:00-11:00PM
Presentations will be given by Sex Educator Laura Kille and CU's own Community Health, as well as a Q&A session with a Panel of our Peers! There will be opportunities for FREE TRIVIA PRIZES, and FREE FOOD
Due to age restrictions on select material during the event, please bring your ID for the 18+ portion near the end of the night!
This event is COMPLETELY FREE and OPEN to the community!

Website: Queer Sex Ed

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