CU hosts International Democratic Education Conference


Today is the final day of the International Democratic Education Conference, welcoming 450 participants from 33 states and 35 countries! One of the co-sponsors of this conference is INVST Community Studies, which uses service learning and practical skills training to prepare CU students for careers service humanity and the environment. At this unique and stimulating conference, students, community organizers, educators, parents, policy makers and media makers, have gathered for the 21st Annual International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC).

Participants are focused on transforming communities, schools, and learning to ensure all young people can engage meaningfully in their education. The unusual conference structure includes a rich blend of pre-scheduled events and the fluidity needed to host conversations, workshops and strategy sessions. IDEC is about exploring the boundaries around learning, sharing, connecting and creating.

Democratic education is not a type of school or a specific practice. It isn’t one kind of learning program or philosophy. It is a frame. It’s a way of gathering together a vast set of ideas, resources, and visions so that a powerful story can be told that reclaims education for people and communities. INVST Community Studies, where inclusive decision-making is taught & practiced, is honored to be part of IDEC and thanks the Newton Leadership Chair for funding support.

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