CU-Boulder supports the Fulbright Program

Office of International Education

More CU-Boulder students than ever, thirteen, have been successful in receiving U.S. Student Fulbright grants for 2013-2014! These students will be teaching, researching, and studying abroad in eight different countries and are either CU graduates or current graduate students. The deadline for CU-Boulder students to apply for 2014-2015 grants is September 9, 2013. (More information here:

We are currently looking for faculty who would be willing to serve on the Campus Screening Committees for these applicants. Each faculty member generally interviews 2-5 applicants as part of committee comprised of 2-3 other faculty. The committees both evaluate each candidate's suitability as a Fulbrighter and give the candidates feedback about how to strengthen their applications before they submit the final applications to Fulbright. We are seeking committee members who have regional expertise in the areas to which our applicants are applying and also in committee members with subject matter expertise. The more volunteers we have, the better we will be able to compose committees relevant to our candidates' applications. (We won't know exactly the composition of our applicant pool until the September 9 deadline, but are asking potential committees to let us know of your interest now.) 

If you are a current or retired faculty member interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Nancy Vanacore ( or 303-492-2976).

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