CU-Boulder student selected to play for the USA Women's Rugby National Team

Earlier this summer, CU-Boulder student Erin Overcash was selected to play for the USA Women's Rugby National Team. Overcash, an Aerospace Engineering Sciences major and a CU-Boulder Navy ROTC cadet, played outside center/wing with the U.S. team against France in June.
"Throughout the two-week residency we played three test matches against France at Nearby Oxnard College," Overcash said. France is a top tier team, ranked among the top four rugby teams in the world. Team USA beat France in the first match, the first victory over the French in USA Rugby history. They lost the second and third matches, but Overcash said they are confident that by the time the world cup rolls around next summer they will be better prepared and more experienced.

"For me personally, my role on the team was as a young developing rugby player there to learn, grow, and get my feet under me as a first time international player," she said. "I played through the first half of our second match against France and as such am now officially a 'capped' USA Eagle. The feeling of putting on a USA jersey for the first time is indescribable - I was proud, happy, and overwhelmed - and I quickly realized that the other women on the field are really just like me but with more experience. I'm not sure where my rugby career will go from here on out, but with continued hard work and dedication I know I have the potential to play in more international matches as a USA Eagle and maybe even play in a future world cup."

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