Consider making a Leave Sharing Program donation

The primary goal of the Leave Sharing Program (Program) is to provide support to eligible employees who are in need based on circumstances outlined in the Program policy. The Program consists of a pool of donated annual/vacation hours that are awarded to qualified employees who meet eligibility criteria according to the parameters of the policy.

Any University of Colorado Boulder or System Administration employee may donate annual/vacation leave (not sick leave) to the Program at any time during the year. As we approach the end of the fiscal year, many employees may lose or “forfeit” leave due to maximum accrual limits. For those employees who have accrued leave over the accrual maximum, and who are not able to use all over-accrued leave, please consider donating all or any portion of the excess balance to the Program. Donations must be processed in Peoplesoft by the department’s Payroll and Personnel Liaison prior to the leave being "swept" on June 30, 2013.

The Program would not be possible without the generous donations received from Boulder campus and System Administration employees. Program donations provide support to eligible employees and ensure the continued success of the Leave Sharing Program.

To donate leave to the Program, please complete a donation form and submit it to the Office of Labor Relations at 565 UCB. Donation forms are available at: Leave Sharing Donation Form.

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