College of Arts and Sciences Scholar Award announcement

Proposals should be sent to electronically to by noon on Thursday, Nov, 1. The committee will meet during the first week of December to decide awards.

The College of Arts and Sciences supports a program intended providing one semester College Scholar Awards to faculty, enabling tenured faculty to pursue full time research/creative scholarly activities. These awards can be used in conjunction with a sabbatical (although sabbatical is not required). This program is funded through the generosity of donors to the College (ten awards this cycle).
A. Eligibility
The following criteria apply. At the time of application:
  1. Applicants must have been full-time tenured faculty members for at least two years in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  2. At least four years must have passed since the applicant’s last University of Colorado at Boulder sabbatical or CRCW Fellowship. If the applicant has not previously taken a UCB sabbatical or CRCW Fellowship, they must have held a full-time UCB College of Arts and Sciences appointment for at least four consecutive years.
B. Application procedure
Applications are due by Nov. 1, 2012, at 12 p.m. All information and inquiries should be sent electronically to Applications must include the following, in 12-point font.
  1. A concise (750 words or less) description of the proposed activities during the award period, including the title and goals of the project. The description should be general in nature explaining the value, importance and timeliness of the project. Whenever possible avoid technical details; the description should be understandable to people not experienced in their field. The proposal should explain why the project demands extra
  2. time and describe what is exceptional about the project. The proposal should be self-contained: only information in the proposal description can be considered. Finally, please include a statement explaining whether or not the award will be used in conjunction with a sabbatical.
  3. A vitae no longer than 3 pages. If applicable, include the date of previous sabbatical or CRCW faculty fellowship. List all academic positions and degrees and where obtained. Also provide a listing of grants held, publications, and service performed in the last 3 years. Give the above information if space allows; otherwise give prior two years on these items.
  4. Applicants must obtain a letter of support from the unit Executive Committee or Chair (no more than two pages) regarding the applicant’s project and record of accomplishment including:
  • the applicant’s stature in field
  • the importance of the fellowship to the applicant’s scholarly career
  • applicant’s nature and quality of teaching
  • applicant’s current teaching commitment and description of ‘normal’ teaching commitment
  • information about any previous release time, including sabbaticals, fellowships etc.
  • Unit size and adequacy of teaching coverage will be considered in determining the number of applications. Specifically, one application per unit will be accepted from units with 15 or fewer tenure-track faculty. Two applications can be considered from units exceeding 16 or more tenure-track faculty.
C. Additional Information
  • College of Arts and Sciences Professors of Distinction will evaluate proposals, and make awards.
  • The College Scholar Award must be taken in any one of the four semesters beginning the fall semester after selection.
  • In the event the applicant is awarded a CRCW Fellowship, the applicant’s proposal will be removed from the CSA applicant pool.
  • The dean will contact the unit Chair regarding compensation for providing full release time for each College Scholar Award.
  • According to A&S records, the following units currently have more than 15 tenure track faculty: ANTH, APPM, APS, AAH, EBIO, MCDB, CHEM, COMM, ECON, ENGL, GEOG, GEOL, HIST, IPHY, MATH, PHIL, PHYS, PSCI, PSYC, SOCY.
  • Each applicant should notify their Chair of their intention to apply for a College Scholar Award well before the application deadline. If a unit has more than the requisite number of applicants, the unit Chair/Executive Committee should decide which proposals will be forwarded to the College.

Contact: Anna Jensen on behalf of Dean Leigh

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