City of Boulder E-bike public process update

As directed by council, the City of boulder is considering a potential electric-assisted bicycle pilot project to test use on multi-use paths (not including Open Space and Mountain Park OSMP trails). The Transportation Division is proceeding with a public process that is scheduled to provide a proposal for Council consideration in October 2013. The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) will lead the review process and consider a staff recommendation at their meeting on September 23rd and then forward their recommendation to City Council. Council will make the final decision. 

E-bike policy review public process
The public process includes several forums for community input. 

E-bike Policy Review Project web page – provides information on this effort and will be updated with information on upcoming public meetings. 

Electric-Assist Bike Survey – this survey asks questions about your opinion on the potential demonstration project and seeks input on suggestions for how to address concerns you or others may have with testing e-bike use on multi-use paths.

Inspire Boulder (MindMixer) is an idea collaboration website that allows community members to share and discuss ideas about city projects, issues and programs. Click on the View Topics link under Transportation to interact with others and provide input on the Living Laboratory demonstration projects, including the potential changes to regulations regarding e-bikes.

E-bike test ride events - Staff is working to schedule opportunities in August and September for community members to learn more about and test ride e-bikes, including the city-sponsored Boulder Green Streets event on from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 22.

Public Meetings – Staff is working to schedule a public meeting for early September to present an update on the options being considered for the E-bike policy and provide community members an opportunity to provide input on these options. A meeting announcement will be e-mailed to you once details are finalized.

Intercept surveys – Staff is conducting a survey of users traveling along multi-use paths. Users will be stopped and asked to answer a questions about their familiarity with e-bikes and opinion of the potential pilot project to test e-bike use on multi-use paths.

Community members also are encouraged to attend the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) public hearing in September as well as the Council meetings where the e-bike policy changes will be considered, in October. Details of these meetings are included below.

  • On Monday, Sept. 22, at 6 p.m, the TAB will convene a meeting in the Council Chambers located at 1777 Broadway. The E-bike item is on the TAB agenda and includes a public hearing and TAB consideration of a recommendation regarding the City Council meeting in October on the E-bikes Pilot Demonstration Project.
    • You have the opportunity to speak to the Board to express your opinions about city issues. To help accommodate everyone, please arrive a few minutes before the meeting time of 6 p.m. to sign up in-person to speak. Each speaker will be given three minutes to speak. Please limit your time to city issues. Be clear, concise, and constructive. For additional guidance, please review the Speaking at Council Meetings rules.
  • On Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 6 p.m, and on Tuesday Oct. 22, at 6 p.m. the City Council will convene a meeting in the Council Chambers located at 1777 Broadway. The E-bike item is on the Council agenda for a first reading of the proposed amendments to ordinance(s) at the Oct. 1 meeting and for a second reading which includes a public hearing at the Oct. 22 meeting. Council will consider a recommendation from the TAB regarding the E-bikes Pilot Demonstration Project.
    • You have the opportunity to speak to the Council to express your opinions about city issues. To help accommodate everyone, please review the Speaking at Council Meetings rules for guidance on how to sign up to speak and additional information.

Sign Up for the TMP Community Feedback Panel - This is an initiative of the TMP and an opportunity to be queried on TMP-related issues, receive updates including meeting announcements, and volunteer for various events associated with the TMP update. By design, most of the inquiries submitted to the TMP Community Feedback Panel will be online. But, Panel members also will be recruited for focus groups and other in-person groups, especially where we need to reach a specific demographic group, like in-commuters and interested but concerned cyclists. Panel members complete a profile with information about themselves and their travel patterns so that outreach and queries to the Panel can reach specific target audiences. Inquiries will be planned throughout the year as the TMP work continues and evolves. Over 400 people have signed up for the Panel as of July.

Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Update Process
The City of Boulder is in the process of updating the Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The 2012-13 TMP update builds on a strong foundation of success through policy refinement, using a collaborative approach and addresses the current and future transportation needs of the community while integrating the city’s broader community and sustainability planning efforts. 

E-bikes are one bicycle innovation under review by the City of Boulder as part of the TMP update’s “living laboratory.” The city is looking for public feedback to better understand transportation choices and identify strategies that encourage more people in our community to walk and bike. 

For more information on the TMP Update and Living Laboratory project, please visit the project web page at You also may contact Marni Ratzel, Senior Transportation Planner with GO Boulder and the project manager for the TMP Bike Innovations, including e-bike policy review at or 303-441-4138 to ask questions, provide input of discuss details of the e-bike policy review. 

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