Change your commute one day a week and win!

Clean air

This summer, CU-PTS is partnering with Boulder County Public Health and Boulder Transportation Connections to encourage CU commuters to use cleaner, greener commuting modes. By signing up for Boulder County Public Health Departments “Clean Air Challenge” and tracking your greener commute modes one day each week (at minimum)in July and August, you will be entered in a prize drawing, and assisting in earning grant money for a Boulder B-Cycle station on East Campus. This station will allow users to travel back and forth between Main and East Campuses, as well as throughout Boulder utilizing the network of 22 B-Cycle stations.

Every summer the combination of heat, intense sun, motor vehicle exhaust and other sources of VOCs leads to the formation of a poisonous air pollutant on the Front Range called ground-level ozone. Since 2007, the summer concentration of ground-level ozone in the Denver-Boulder metro area has exceeded federal standards, rendering us “out of compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone”, which are set to protect our health. Ground-level ozone is monitored and “Ozone Action Alerts” are issued by the Regional Air Quality Council – usually in the afternoon the day before ozone levels are expected to reach unhealthy levels. The alerts are issued both so that you can take action to reduce your contribution to the creation of ground-level ozone and so that you can plan to avoid activities that would increase your exposure to the pollutant during the most unhealthy periods; this is particularly important for the young, the elderly and those with respiratory ailments.

Look into the summer Clean Air Challenge and learn more about your commute options - to be able to win prizes for yourself and your community by changing and logging your commute. CU's Parking & Transportation Services will be glad to assist if you’d like help evaluating your commute options!

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