Board of Regents approves new Bachelor of Arts degree, discusses two new Masters programs

Board of Regents

At the Sept. 18 University of Colorado Board of Regents meeting hosted on the Boulder campus, a new Bachelor of Arts degree in Neuroscience was approved on the consent agenda.

In the campus recommendation from Chancellor DiStefano and Provost Moore, they stated that psychiatric disorders affect a growing number of individuals—nearly one in five Americans in a given year and more than two billion people worldwide. Furthermore, the scope of neuroscience is vast—ranging from the most basic cellular-level research to translational medicine—and many unanswered questions remain. These factors make neuroscience one of the more exciting and opportunity-laden fields in which to pursue a scientific career.

CU-Boulder will be one of the few public universities in the nation to offer an undergraduate degree program and this should enhance its ability to compete for top-quality students wanting to pursue a study in Neuroscience.

Also on the discussion agenda were proposals for a new Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management and a new Masters of Science in Real Estate. After the Board’s discussion, the two proposed programs may be moved to the consent agenda of a future meeting.

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