BioFrontiers Seminar Series Presents: Dr. Scott Handley “Expansion of the Enteric Virome During SIV Infection”

BioFrontiers Seminar Series

Dr. Handley is from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and will be giving a talk titled “Expansion of the Enteric Virome During SIV Infection”. Dr. Handley joined the Lab and Genome Medicine Division (LGM) in 2011. He has a background in microbial pathogenesis in the intestine and is currently involved in several projects designed to elucidate how the intestinal microbiome can influence diseases pathology. He is also an Associate Director of the Midwest Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research (MRCE), which supports research and training programs that contribute to the nation’s biodefense and emerging infectious diseases research agenda. He is also theDirector of the Workshop on Genomics and the Workshop on Molecular Evolution which are two unique training programs designed to provide intensive, hands-on experiences to scientists from a variety of disciplines on the proper use modern computational molecular techniques. Together, these Workshops have trained over 500 scientists from 50 different countries and are held annual in the USA and Europe. Go to for more information.

Immediately following the seminar, there will be light refreshments served and an introduction to the Workshop on Genomics in room B331. All seminar attendees, and interested students and faculty are invited to attend. For more information on training opportunities, the Workshop on Genomics and others go to

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