Big Energy Seminar: Sustainable Energy Engineering Sept. 19

Big Energy Seminars will host Dr. Mehrdad “Mark” Ehsani, director of the Sustainable Energy & Vehicle Engineering Program at Texas A & M University, to speak on Sustainable Energy Engineering on Sept. 19 at 3:30 p.m. in Fleming 156.

His seminar will cover many issues related to maintaining our society in a sustainable way. He will discuss the pending problems that could lead to a shortage of many resources including the need to manage: Human Society: energy, population growth, food, resource depletion; Economy: Economic Disasters, Economic Refugees, Wealth Imbalances; Resources: Finite Resources, Approaching shortages finite fossil fuels. 

He will discuss a new way of thinking and new technologies referred to as Sustainable Energy Engineerin, focussing specifically on power electronics technologies of sustainable energy production, consumption and the relationship between these two.

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