Are you a new mom?

Are you a new mom? 
Have you felt down or depressed at any point in your life?

If your baby is between 3 and 6 months of age, you may be eligible to participate in a study examining the effects of a brief mindfulness practice on a mother’s mood, stress, and how things are going with her baby. The study consists of filling out questionnaires and watching and responding to a short movie. Participants also may be asked to do a brief daily mindfulness practice. In addition, childcare will be provided while you are at our research offices.

If you are eligible and participate in the study, you will be compensated $60 for your time.

If you are interested please contact us! We would love to talk more with you.

The Mothers and Babies Project | Department of Psychology, University of Colorado
Email: | Phone: 720.722.2974
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