2013 Energy Efficiency Summer School

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Energy efficiency is an essential component of a sustainable future. This intensive, two-week course will provide selected advanced undergraduate and graduate students with the skills and knowledge to:
-Understand the promise and challenges of energy efficiency
-Implement efficiency’s enormous potential to advance sustainability
-Explore new technologies and approaches to energy efficiency
-Focus their research on the many unknowns of energy efficiency

This course will use a mix of lectures, discussions, field visits, and case studies to provide students with a solid, in-depth grounding in the growing and vibrant field of energy efficiency. 

Leading faculty from CU-Boulder and other colleges and Universities, as well as prominent researchers and practitioners, will teach and mentor students. Topics covered will include:
-Energy efficiency concepts, such as energy end-use services, supply curves of conserved energy, and efficiency vs. conservation. 
-Technologies for energy efficiency, with a focus on buildings. 
-Energy efficiency policies, including energy efficiency performance standards (EEPSs), building codes, least cost planning, and others. 
-Energy efficiency programs, including program design and evaluation. 
-Behavioral and sociological perspectives on energy and energy efficiency.

The Summer School is a for-credit, graduate-level course. It will take place May 28-June 7, 2013 at the University of Colorado-Boulder campus. The Summer School is open to all disciplines. The only prerequisite for application is upper-level undergraduate (Junior or Senior) or graduate student status at an accredited University. 

web site: http://rasei.colorado.edu/education/summerschool

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