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The CU4K12 web site is CU-Boulder's outreach and in-service program guide for Colorado's teachers. With more than 112 programs and 68 Internet resources available to Colorado's K-12 teachers and students, the CU4K12 web site introduces teachers to the multifaceted CU-Boulder programs that they can enjoy in their classrooms. Simplicity and ease of accessing information is the key to the CU4K12 web site. The introductory page asks a user to choose from one of nine curricula, such as engineering, foreign language, or science, and then asks the user to choose either a grade level such as elementary, middle, high school, or professional development. The user then clicks to list the results. Users can also choose to perform a search by keyword. The resulting list includes the title of each program, its curriculum, language options (English and/or Spanish) and whether resource materials for the classroom are available to the teacher. Selecting an entry provides a description of the outreach activity, the program coordinator's contact information, and, in many cases, a link to the program's own web site.

There are funding options available to help offset the cost of outreach programming. Contact the Office of Community Relations to learn more about these options.