Media Studies

CMCI’s Department of Media Studies gives students a 21st century education by helping them understand media past and present, including the latest innovations in media technologies. Today’s world is shaped by a convergence of media through smart phones, social media, blogs, interactive newspapers, magazines, online education, video games and more. More than carriers of information and sources of entertainment, today’s media are powerful tools of education and socialization. CMCI’s Media Studies students learn how media institutions are organized, who controls their content, how they perform economically, how audiences engage with media texts, and how media impact government, culture and social policy across the globe. 

Tapping expertise available across CMCI’s departments and programs, Media Studies students also gain practical training to master skills in media design, digital storytelling, digital art, information science, documentary filmmaking, journalism and video production. Students combine theory and practice in courses on children, the family and media; visual communication; media industries; multimedia culture; media history; video production; media, religion and politics; and media audience research.

With a powerful combination of analytical and production skills, Media Studies students are equipped for careers in media production, government, industry, nonprofit organizations and academia.

In addition to the bachelor’s degree in Media Studies, our program offers a two-year Master of Arts degree in Media and Public Engagement (MAPE).  In this program, students identify key social, political and cultural issues and work with faculty, community leaders, nonprofit organizations and corporations to create media projects that engage the community in understanding and addressing those issues. The program also offers a PhD in Media Studies.

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