CMCI's Departments and Programs

On June 26, 2013, CU-Boulder Provost Russell L. Moore appointed an implementation committee to prepare a detailed proposal for the new College of Media, Communication and Information. Subcommittees subsequently drafted plans for eight departments and programs that will make up the college.

Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design

Students study creative and strategic advertising, public relations and design.They craft messages that inform and persuade the public on a wide range of media platforms. They go on to jobs at advertising and public relations agencies, design firms, nonprofit organizations and private businesses. » Read Summary + Full Proposal


Students focus on interpersonal communication, learning how to speak and write well and to analyze and help solve communication problems. Graduates work in media, government, corporations and in settings where they help individuals and groups communicate better. » Summary + Full Proposal

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum provides a common set of required courses in the liberal arts and in basic technology for all CMCI students.   » Summary + Full Proposal

Critical Media Practices

Students in Critical Media Practices use digital technology to produce everything from documentaries to artistic works. Students gain practical experience as they create projects for a variety of media environments. » Summary + Full Proposal

Information Science

The Department of Information Science brings together a number of interdisciplinary approaches for understanding and shaping the future in an era of pervasive digital information and communication technology. » Summary + Full Proposal

Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance

The doctoral program in Intermedia Art, Writing and performance finds students at the crossroads of creativity and technology, preparing for careers ranging from performance to digital audio and visual production. » Summary + Full Proposal


Journalism students learn the reporting, writing and technological skills they need to produce news and information on multiple media platforms. » Summary + Full Proposal

Media Studies

Students in the Department of Media Studies explore the ways media shape, and are shaped by, society. As they study the history, the structure and the economics of media institutions, students also master the technology that drives communication in the 21st Century. » Summary + Full Proposal