Classics Department Graduate Events for Fall 2017

  • September 15th at 4 pm, HUMN 345: Faculty Work in Progress, Lauri
  • September 16th: Boulder Zee Jaipur Literary Festival, with classicists Donna Zuckerberg, Dan-el Padilla Peralta, and Johanna Hanink (all involved in Eidolon: speaking at the Boulder Public Library’s Canyon Theatre on Saturday, September 16 (
  • September 22nd, at 4 PM: Tour of Avery Brewing with Travis Rupp, followed by department happy hour
  • September 30th (Saturday): Colorado Classics Day
  • October 6th at 3 pm, HUMN 350: Discussion on Latin and other pedagogy
  • October 11th at 7PM, HUMN 250: McClanahan Lecture, Travelers and Immigrants in Ancient Greek Myth by Lauri Reitzammer
  • October 20th at 3 pm, HUMN 345: Faculty work in progress, Dimitri
  • November 10th at 4 pm: Department happy hour at Sanitas Brewing
  • November 17th at 3 pm, HUMN 345: Graduate Student Paper Workshop