Published: April 26, 2017

Greek and Roman Epic (CLAS 4110)– Summer Term A
Greek Mythology (CLAS 1100) –Term A or Augmester

Poster for CLAS 4110 and CLAS 1100 summer offered classes

CLAS 4110 – In this course, we will read the great epics of ancient Greece and Rome, including Homer’s works about the Trojan War, Apollonius’ Jason and the Golden Fleece, and the Roman epics that sought to connect ancient Greek myth to the glorious foundation of Rome. Besides appreciating the epics in and of themselves, we will also investigate how they fit into their social contexts and how they have been adapted into modern times.

CLAS 1100 – In this course, we will study the vast network of stories surrounding ancient Greek gods and heroes. Mythology is not only entertaining but also provides extraordinary insight into the society and culture of ancient Greece, and, as we will see, the adaptation of that mythology into modern times tells us quite a lot about ourselves, as well.

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