Welcome to the Methods In Chemistry Seminar (MICS)!

MICS thanks the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for funding!

Want feedback on a technique that you haven't necessarily perfected yet?
Interested in learning more about the chemistry your fellow gradute students and post docs do?

MICS is organized by and for graduate students and post docs.

MICS features bi-weekly speakers from different programs at the University of Colorado, Boulder, as well as surrounding govermnet labratories, NOAA, NCAR, NIST and NREL. Seminars have plenty of time for discussion, as well as refreshments, all in a relaxed environment. Presenters are encouraged to focus on the methods and techniques used in their research.

Talks are limited to 20 to 40 minutes in length, so that, including questions and discussion, the seminar is limited to about an hour. They should focus on methods and techniques (experimental or theoretical), and be geared towards an interdivisional audience. The MICS was conceived as a way for graduate students and post docs to learn about the variety of research being done in our department and other science departments, such as physics, biology, engineering. In an effort to encourage questions and discussion, and to keep things fun and informative, the seminar is expressly by and for graduate students and post docs.

WHEN: Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m.

If you are interested in presenting, please contact us!


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