14th ICQC

The XIVth International Congress of Quantum Chemistry will be held in Boulder, Colorado. The Welcome Reception begins at 16:00 on Monday, June 25 and the Closing Ceremony ends at 12:30 on Saturday, June 30.

The Congress is held every three years and brings together scientists from all over the world. The first one was arranged in 1973 at Menton (the headquarters of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science). Further sites were New Orleans, Kyoto, Uppsala, Montreal, Jerusalem, Menton, Prague, Atlanta, Menton, Bonn, Kyoto and Helsinki.

The Congress provides an overview of novel developments, advances and directions of research in the broad area of quantum molecular science and promotes interactions of theory with experiment. Topics range from the development of fundamental methodologies to applications in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and molecular and solid state physics.

For information on the preceding conference in Helsinki, see http://www.helsinki.fi/kemia/icqc/files/FinRep.pdf.

14th ICQC Participants