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Byungmoon Cho

I am Byung

Jordan Corbman

Jordan is a 5th year graduate student from Philadelphia, PA. He received his undergraduate degree in both Chemistry and Mathematics from Muhlenberg college in Allentown, PA.

Projects: Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy


Rob Hill

Growing up in Nevada, Rob left the “wild west” of Reno to get his B.S. in physics from Purdue University. In the course of his studies, three summers were spent at Stanford working on gravitational physics experiments: Gravity Probe-B, S.T.E.P., and L.I.S.A. Rob’s senior project (high-energy physics) was on gas-based proportional counters for charged particle detection.

Rob graduated and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, spring 2000. The military granted him a delayed entrance into service just long enough plan a winter wedding (and fit a final summer internship working on L.I.S.A. at Caltech). He and Carolyn were married as planned, and after a lengthy stint of military specialty school, he arrived to work at the Air Force Research Lab/Lasers division in Albuquerque, NM for three years. Rob left the Air Force to pursue physics graduate studies at CU in Fall 2004.

He is currently working on directional filter calculations for a 2-D diffractive optics experiments. When not at work, Rob enjoys motorcycling, the outdoors, and a variety of craft/fabrication projects.


Allison Kanarr

Allison Kanarr received her B.S. in Chemistry from Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington, in 2006. Her undergraduate research involved the use of dynamic light scattering to analyze phase separation of polymer blends. Ms. Kanarr started her graduate studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, in the fall of 2006 and works in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory studying the interactions of thin silver films and organic dyes using their optical properties.

Projects: Investigation of the Optical Properties of Organic Dyes on Noble Metal Films.


Bill Peters

Bill received his B.A. in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado in 2004. He went on to get his masters degree in chemistry from CU Denver (currently ABD). He is now pursuing a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. He can often be found in the seldom used “wet lab” making green smelly concoctions. We’re not sure how this relates to physical chemistry, but Trevor is currently writing a Fortran program to figure it out.


Trevor Courtney

Originally from Lakeland, Florida, Trevor graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Florida in 2005. After a summer internship in an organic chemistry R&D lab at a beverage flavoring company and a year as an analytic chemist at an environmental testing facility, he traveled westward to pursue a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry here at CU. When Fortran programming fails to hold his interest, Trevor enjoys playing the piano and saxophone and exploring the outdoors.


Danielle Buckley

Danielle graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2006 with a B.S. in Chemistry. She enjoys hiking, running, playing with her cat at home, and listening to the Jonas Brothers in her spare time. Her favorite color is opaque and her favorite drink is water from her Brita purifier. She is currently working with Trevor on the quantum dot project.


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