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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Colorado at Boulder
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This page provides a summary of the various research topics that are actively tackled in collaboration with several other laboratories on and off the Boulder campus.

Research topics

Organic aerosols
Organic aerosols are emerging as a crucial and complex issue in atmospheric science. In 1999, Ellison, Tuck, and Vaida proposed a model for nascent marine aerosols. This inverted micelle model for organic aerosols was extended into biology. Read more...

Photoelectron spectroscopy of organic anions
Electron Affinities (EAs) are measured by bombarding a target ion, [R]-, with a light beam of known frequency and monitoring the photodestruction of [R]- or the appearance of the scattered electrons. Read more...

Optical spectroscopy of matrix isolated organic radicals
Organic radicals play a crucial role as reactive intermediates in the combustion chemistry of fossil fuels. We have recently developed a hyperthermal nozzle, in which we produce radicals by flash pyrolysis. Read more...
Some of the radicals we have studied are:
    Allyl (C3H5)
    Methylperoxyl (CH3OO)
    Phenyl (C6H5)

Negative ion photoelectron spectroscopy is used to study the spectroscopic and thermodynamic properties of organic radicals. Bond dissociation energies of organic molecules are measured and calculated. Read more...