Inorganic Chemistry Courses


For an official description of the courses below, the reader is referred to the current University of Colorado at Boulder Catalog. The following descriptions are more informal and are intended to supplement the catalog in helping students choose courses.


CHEM 4011-3. Modern Inorganic Chemistry

This is an introduction to inorganic chemistry, required for chemistry majors. It is taught only in the fall semester, and has a prerequisite of Physical Chemistry 1.

CHEM 4021-3. Inorganic Laboratory

One lecture and two three-hour labs per week, taught only in the spring. This course introduces advanced synthetic techniques for inorganic and organometallic compounds. It has a prerequisite of CHEM 4011. It is not required for a major, but is required for graduation with a degree certified by the American Chemical Society as meeting their national standards for a chemistry major.

CHEM 4901- (1-6). Independent Study in Chemistry and Biochemistry

This is a variable credit course and may be taken for one to six hours of credit. It is a controlled enrollment class, and prior arrangements must be made with a faculty mentor and the department before a student may enroll. It is highly recommended for students with a good record.

CHEM 5011-3. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 1

Inorganic chemistry based on principles of bonding, structure, reaction mechanisms, and modern synthetic methods. Chemistry and general properties of representative and transition elements and their compounds. Prerequisites:  CHEM 4011 and 4531, or graduate standing.

CHEM 5061-3. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 2

Studies modern coordination chemistry. Includes a description of bonding and properties of coordination compounds in terms of the ligand field and molecular orbital theories. Prerequisites:  graduate standing.