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Prof. Falconer's Spring 2010 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00     Research   Research

Dept Seminar






















Shell meeting





lECE conf


Spring 2010 Group Meetings

January 18 - holiday

January 25 - John- writing check list

                    Stephanie - zeolite A membranes

February 1- Miao - MLD

February 8- no meeting

February 15- 2 min updates

                    Justin MFI membranes paper

February 22 - Stephanie Zeolite A paper

March 1 - Begum- SAPO-34 membranes

March 8 - no meeting

March 15 - Kristi- Density of states

March 22- Spring break

March 29 - Yanfeng- AlPO-18 membranes

April 5 - TBA

April 12- no meeting

April 19- Undergraduate presentations

April 26- No meeting, JLF travel

May 3 - exam week

May 17- TBA

May 24 no meeting, JLF travel

May 31- holiday


Seminar Schedule Spring 2010

All seminars are held at 1:00 pm in ECCR 265
Refreshments at 12:50 pm

February 11

February 16

February 18

February 25

April 6

April 13

Chem Stores

Contact Information: 303-492-6182

Website: click here

Click on link for catalog: ChemStores

Research Glassblower

Dennis Steffey


Location: Ekeley S1B70
Phone: 303-492-7093

Office Supplies

All office supplies must be purcahsed from Corporate Express. A catalog is located in the main office and orders can be made through the main office administrative assistant.

Mailing/Contact Information

To place phone calls:

  • For calls within the Boulder campus, dial only the last 5 digits such as x2-7471.
  • For calls outside of campus, dial 8 and then the full 10 digit number.
  • For long distance calls, have your long distance code available. Dial 8, 1, and the full phone number.  After the short dial tone beeps, enter your long distance code and your call will begin ringing.


Sending/receiving department mail within the University system (Boulder or Denver) is done via Campus Mail:

  • Get an inter-department mailing envelope from the mail room inside the ChBE office.
  • Put the person’s name and campus box on the next available line on the envelope.
  • Place envelope in Campus Mail slot in the ChBE office.  Campus mail is picked up once a day around 1:30pm or later.
  • Mail coming in to this department is addressed using our unique campus box: 424 UCB


Sending/receiving department mail outside the University system is usually done through the US Mail:

  • Get a white envelope (various sizes available) from the mail room inside the ChBE office.
  • Write your speedtype on the addressed envelope under the return address.
  • Place envelope in US Mail slot in the ChBE office.  It will be picked up along with Campus Mail once a day.
  • US Mail coming in to this department must include our campus box:

    CU Boulder, Chem & Biological Engineering

    424 UCB

    Boulder, CO  80309-0424

Sending/receiving department packages and express envelopes at the University via any one of several vendors:

  • We can send/receive packages via US Mail, FedEx, DHL and UPS.
  • We have a FedEx account and it is preprinted on our FedEx forms (domestic and international). We also have FedEx envelopes and boxes in the office.  Please put your speedtype on the form under “Internal Billing Reference”.
  • For US Mail Packages (including Priority Mail) address the package and put your speedtype under the return address.
  • For all other vendors, fill out the appropriate form, include a speedtype under “billing reference” and include a payment method, such as an ACard number.
  • For all outgoing packages and express envelopes, bring them to the ChBE office for pickup.
  • You will be alerted via email about all incoming package and envelopes as they arrive.
  • Here’s an address that covers all the info for any of the mailing services:

    CU Boulder, Chem & Biological Engineering

    1111 Engineering Dr., Rm ECCH 111, 424 UCB

    Boulder, CO  80309-0424

Our department fax machine (303) 492-4341 is located in the ChBE Office mailroom:

  • Up-to-date operating instructions are posted above the machine.
  • Bring your long distance code or get one from your professor for long distance or international faxes.
  • The fax machine only prints out a report if there was a problem !
  • Incoming faxes are placed in your mail slots.  Make sure the sender puts your name on them.

A-Card Information

An A-card (i.e. procurement card) is an university issued credit card that is used to make purchases for a given project.

Currently, the following students have been issued A-cards that are only to be used for the Falconer group:

Kristi Pelz Catalysis
Stephanie Sorenson


Yanfeng Zhang Synthesis

If you need to make a purchase for your project, please contact one of the above students.

After a purchase is made be sure to write down your speedtype on the receipt and give it to the A-card holder. The receipts need to be given to Yawen (main office) as soon as possible after the purchase is made.

For more information concerning allowable charges or for application information, see below or please visit the Procurement Service Center website.

Guide to Procurement Card (A-Card) Use in the

Chemical and Biological Engineering Department

Documentation and Timeframes

Ongoing cardholder responsibilities:

  • Receipts (see below for definition): must be turned in to Accounting Technician as soon as available; violation if charges are not moved to correct account in 30 days
  • Monthly Statement: cardholder must go through all charges and verify amounts and receipt of items; violation if not signed and returned to Accounting Technician within 30 days of cycle close

If there is a problem with a charge:

  • Disputes must be filed within 60 days of the  end of the cycle in which the charge appeared

Group Use of Procurement Card

Sharing your card number with any other person is a violation!  However, there are several suggestions for a group to use a single A-Card appropriately:

  • Create online accounts with companies that store your card information for other group members to use to make purchases
  • Have group members complete purchases up to card information entry, then have the cardholder come and enter the procurement card number

To track purchases more easily you could:

  • Set up accounts to automatically email the cardholder order acknowledgment/confirmation
  • Begin a Procurement Card Log to document all group purchases by date, vendor, item, cost and speedtype to verify all documentation is received and purchases are accurate

What is a Receipt?

Valid receipts MUST include the following:

  • merchant name
  • purchase date
  • description/quantity of items purchased (this may be handwritten on the receipt)
  • cost per item
  • total cost of order
  • cardholder name and/or card number
  • explanation of purchase, if this is an unusual purchase for the department.  Note:  all purchases from ‘risky merchants’ (e.g. Target) require a note on the receipt as to how the purchase relates to university business.

Examples of receipts include:

  • itemized receipt and credit card transaction slip from the merchant
  • delivery packing slip (if item pricing is included)
  • order form (for dues, subscriptions, registrations,,, etc.)
  • invoice showing credit card payment
  • merchant e-mail confirmation

Combinations of multiple documents can be used to provide full information required above.

All required documentation (i.e., Official Function Authorization form, furniture or other waiver, internal forms, etc.) must accompany the receipt.

Prohibited A-Card Purchases

A-Cards cannot be used for:

  • Any item from a liquor store (including non-liquor purchases)
  • Phone cards, long distance or pay phone charges (unless itemized in detail on receipt)
  • Travel-related expenses including internet use and meals while on travel (notable exception- conference registration)
  • Office furniture (unless from specific vendors)
  • Items covered by a mandatory University price agreement (e.g., office supplies, furniture; see for complete listing) must be purchased from the correct vendor with University pricing

A-Card purchases are tax exempt!  The front, upper left corner of the A-Card has a tax exempt number.

Violations and Consequences

  • All violations of procurement card policy result in 50 violation points to the card
  • Accumulation of 150 violation points results in a 6-month card suspension and retraining
  • Violation points are cleared 2 years after initial assessment