CHEN 4130 Chemical Engineering Laboratory 2

(Fall 2008 - 2010, 2012 - 2104, 2015).


Involves planning and execution of chemical engineering experiments on mass transfer operations, separations, and chemical reactors. Interprets experimental data with theoretical principles and statistical analysis. Emphasizes communication with written memos, full reports, and oral presentations.

CHEN 4460 - Polymer Engineering (Spring 2009, 2011, 2013).


Introductory polymer engineering course reviewing basic terminology and definitions; the properties and synthetic routes of important industrial polymers; and processing of polymers and their applications.

CHEN 4836 - Nanomaterials (Fall 2011, Spring 2014, Fall 2015).


Introductory course on nanomaterials covering top-down and bottom-up approaches to the fabrication of nanomaterials; nanoscale characterization techniques; fundamental chemical and physical concepts to predict and explain the optical, electronic and magnetic properties of various types of nanomaterials; and the challenges and benefits of integrating nanomaterials into future technologies.

CHEN 5740 - Analytical Methods in Chemical Engineering (Fall 2014).


Core graduate-level course on mathematical methods for solving problems commonly encountered in chemical engineering. Presents applied analytical and numerical mathematical methods. Topics include modeling techniques, algebraic equations, and ordinary and partial differential equations.

CHEN 4010/4020 - Chemical Engineering Senior Thesis (Fall 2008 - current).


Provides an opportunity for advanced students to conduct exploratory research in chemical engineering.


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