Stoykovich Research Group:

Polymer Self-Assembly and Nanofabrication Lab

Welcome!  This website is designed to provide the latest information about the  research in the Stoykovich group in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado—Boulder.  The overarching goal of our research group is to synthesize low-dimensional nanostructures with unique mechanical, electrical, and optical properties, and subsequently integrate such nanomaterials into functional devices.  Frequently this research involves molecular self-assembly processes, chemical synthesis, and conventional top-down micro-/nano-manufacturing techniques. 

Some of our current research investigates:

1) Self-assembly of block copolymers for sub-50 nm structures,

2) Polymer flocculants for separations and microalgae harvesting,

3) Photonic crystals sensors for detecting kinases and biological molecules,

and much, much more as detailed on the remainder of these pages!

Group News:

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, 

University of Colorado - Boulder

Updated June 13, 2014

Group research on block copolymer networks is featured on the cover of ACS Macro Letters!

Oct. 2013

Beccah, Kyle and Taylor defend their senior thesis projects.  Congratulations!

April 2014

Kelsey’s research on a novel biosensor that enables label-free screening of kinase activity via changes in color is published in JACS.

April 2014

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