Stoykovich Research Group:

Polymer Self-Assembly and Nanofabrication Lab

We integrate materials chemistry and molecular assembly processes with conventional top-down micro-/nano-device manufacturing techniques to promote the implementation of self-assembly in functional device manufacture for electronics, photovoltaics, energy storage devices, and catalysis.  These hybrid processes will enable the production of devices of reduced dimensions and heightened complexities relative to that which is possible by either technique alone. 

Our group investigates nanofabrication processes and materials, specifically:

1) Self-assembly of block copolymers for sub-50 nm structures,

2) Silicon-based flexible/stretchable electronics,   

3) Polymer flocculants for separations and microalgae harvesting,

4) Copper/CdSe nanocrystal synthesis and characterization.


Group News:

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, 

University of Colorado - Boulder

Updated March 23, 2014

Marc completes his masters and heads to Barcelona, Spain.  Congratulations!

Aug. 2013

Ian defends his PhD and heads off to his position at Intel.  Congratulations Ian!

Oct. 2013

Group research on block copolymer networks is featured on the cover of ACS Macro Letters!

Oct. 2013

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