Current Undergraduate Students

ChBE students stroll on campusAs a student within the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, please take the time to become familiar with your resources and opportunities to enhance your career.

During the next few years you may want to gain experience in research, obtain a co-operative education program, get involved with the Chemical and Biological Engineering honors program, study abroad, or even obtain your Master's in Chemical Engineering by participating in the BS/MS program. More information can be found on each of these programs on the Special UG Programs tab.

You will need to meet with your advisor each semester, so make sure to make an appointment and go prepared.

We are excited that you have chosen CU for your ChBE education and we want to ensure that you have the best and most rewarding experience possible!

Please review the advising help guide and meet with your advisor each semester to assess your curriculum plan. Use the links below to get answers to many advising questions you might have.

Quick Links

    Based on the 2010-2011 Course Catalog
    If there is a course not listed that you believe should be, please submit a petition with a syllabus
     to Deb Renshaw
    Additional technical elective not listed: CHEN 1300-1 or GEEN 1500 or ASEN 1000 or AREN 1316 or
     CVEN 1317 or CSCI 1000 or ECEN 1100 or EVEN 1000 or MCEN 1000

What do I need to do to prepare for my advising appointment?

Before your advising appointment, consider your course plan for the rest of your time to degree, as well as any career or curriculum questions you may have. Do you have all required courses planned for? Are you going to fulfill all course prerequisites? Bring your plan with you to your appointment.


Senior Thesis Application

BS/MS Application

• Petition and Independent Study Applications are available on the College website under the "Forms" drop down

For more information on Senior Thesis, BS/MS, and Indepentent Study, please click on the UG Opportunities tab on the right.

How and when can I petition?

1) For any petition submitted to the department for a variance on course requirements, the petitioner must provide a clear justification for the variance. Justifications that are not acceptable include : (a) It will delay my graduation if not granted; (b) my advisor told me to submit the petition.
2) Instructors for the course that a petition is being submitted for cannot sign the petition form, nor can they approve a petition. The petition must be turned in to the front office and a department committee will evaluate the petition.
3) A petition must be submitted in a timely manner. If a petition is submitted a week after classes start for a variance in a course for that semester, there may not be enough time for the committee to make a decision before the drop/add date.

You can find the petition form on the College of Engineering and Applied Science advising page under the "Forms" drop down. Remember, do not contact the instructor to approve a petition, and ignore the field requesting the instructor's signature.

For more information please email Undergraduate Advisor Dr. Deb Renshaw.