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Christine Hrenya

Christine Hrenya Leads $1.5M Industry-sponsored Grant for Fundamental Particle Flow Research

February 14, 2013

How do cohesive particles in fluidized beds interact, and how does this affect the functioning of the beds?  This fundamental question is of great practical interest to a number of industries, leading an international chemical company to award a grant of $1.5M to ChBE Professor Christine Hrenya, along with collaborators Al Weimer and

Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building

Spring Newsletter is Here!

February 13, 2013

Catch up on the department in our Spring 2013 Newsletter.

Weimer lab

Inaugural ChBE Research Symposium: Focus on Energy

February 7, 2013

UPDATE: Watch the talks of Professors John Falconer, Jennifer Cha, and Will Medlin.

Anushree Chatterjee

Welcome Assistant Professor Anushree Chatterjee

February 5, 2013

Assistant Professor Anushree Chatterjee's research focuses on adopting integrated computational, systems and synthetic biology approaches to investigate fundamental, biotechnological and medically relevant issues including understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for antibiotic and antiviral resistance, rational design of “next-generation smart antimicrobials,” and construction of synthetic genetic devices for a variety of biotechnological and bioenergy applications

Colorado Adventure Guide cover

Instructor Charlie Nuttelman Publishes Book on Colorado Outdoors

January 21, 2013

Never one to sit still, Chemical and Biological Engineering Instructor Charlie Nuttelman has spent the past several summers writing a guidebook on hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.  His book, titled Colorado Adventure Guide (Northern Edition), recently won a 2012 Writer's Digest Self-Publishing 1st Place Award and was featured in the De

Professor Christine Hrenya

Christine Hrenya Awarded $450K for Solar Power Plant Research

January 3, 2013

Professor Christine Hrenya was recently awarded $450K from the Department of Energy (DOE) to investigate the use of solid particles as a heat transfer fluid in concentrating solar power (CSP) plants. 

BaroFold Licenses Technology to Boehringer Ingelheim and Nuron

November 16, 2012

BaroFold Inc., a pharmaceutical company focused on the patented Pressure Enabled Protein Manufacturing (PreEMT) technology invented in the labs of ChBE Professor Theodore Randolph and Dr. John Carpenter, has recently licensed its technology to both Boehringer Ingelheim and Nuron Biotech.  Read more about these collaborative efforts below:

Tech Transfer: ChBE Fuels Economy with 10 Startups

October 31, 2012

Ten active companies have been created since 1997 based on technologies invented wholly or in part by CU chemical and biological engineering students and their faculty supervisors. Chemical and biological engineering spinoff companies from CU-Boulder have raised nearly $410 million in follow-on funding, including grants, venture capital financing, U.S. Small Business Administration funding, and acquisitions, according to CU's Technology Transfer Office.

CU Looks to Consultants to Boost Tech Transfer Proceeds

September 28, 2012

Recognizing the revenue potential of CU-licensed science moving to the commercial market, CU is looking at how to best maximize proceeds from technology transfer.  The university plans to soon seek bids from consultants to help with this process.  A 2012 article in Boulder’s Daily Camera discussed the potential of the JSCBB to result in new commercial compa

Deb Renshaw

Focus on Staff: Dr. Deb Renshaw, Undergraduate Advisor

June 12, 2012

The department has been fortunate to find a new Undergraduate Advisor with not only years of experience, but unbridled enthusiasm for helping students. Since Dr. Deb Renshaw started with the department in April of this year she has greatly alleviated the burden on faculty by taking over student advising and helping facilitate student events.


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