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ROMEOS members Ron West and Bill Krantz

Former Faculty Stay Connected through ROMEOS

August 27, 2013

During their monthly lunches at Murphy’s, ROMEOS members have solved major problems such as how to balance the federal budget, achieve peace in the Middle East, and get the two political parties to work together. As member Bill Krantz attests, “These were relatively easy for our experienced group.”

MSE Director Chris Bowman

Bowman Heads Newly Launched Materials Science and Engineering Program

August 27, 2013

CU’s newly established PhD degree program in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) welcomed its first graduate students as well as the first new faculty hire into the program this fall thanks in large part to the efforts of MSE Director and ChBE Distinguished Professor Chris Bowman

Melissa Rabin with REU participants in Botswana

Undergrad Melissa Rabin Conducts Research in Botswana

August 27, 2013

After seeing a flier for a research experience for undergraduates (REU) involving sustainable energy for Sub-Saharan Africa, undergraduate student Melissa Rabin applied and was soon off to the University of Botswana (UB). She shared some of her experiences below.

Multi-tube solar reactor

Weimer and Musgrave Develop New Water Splitting Technique for H2 Production

August 5, 2013

The research groups of Professors Al Weimer and Charles Musgrave have developed a radically new technique that uses the power of sunlight to efficiently split water into its components of hydrogen and oxygen, paving the way for the broad use of hydrogen as a clean, green fuel.

Mark Kastantin

Welcome Assistant Research Professor Mark Kastantin

July 29, 2013

We are pleased to welcome new Assistant Research Professor Mark Kastantin, whose research interests include rationally designing sophisticated, nano-scale, protein-like materials that synergistically combine biologically inspired motifs to perform functions beyond what is found in nature. Some applications of this work include disease diagnosis, targeted drug delivery, and immunotherapy.


JSCBB Earns Local Green Award

June 18, 2013

CU-Boulder’s Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building this week received recognition for its sustainability features.

Summer Newsletter is Here!

June 13, 2013

Catch up on the department in our Summer 2013 Newsletter.

Professor John Falconer working on the website.

ChBE Pioneers Active Learning Tools

May 29, 2013

ChBE has been on the forefront of innovative teaching for years. The department was an early adopter of student response systems (clickers), which have been used in some ChBE courses with ConcepTests and peer instruction for almost a decade. ConcepTests challenge students with qualitative questions that are not answered by memorization.  More than 1,400 ChBE ConcepTests have been prepared in fields such as fluids, thermodynamics, and kinetics. 

Phillips 66 CEO Greg Garland presents a $3.5M check to CU. From left, Leeds School of Business Dean David Ikenberry, Chancellor Phil DiStefano, Phillips 66 Vice President of HR Chantal Veevaete, Phillips 66 CEO Greg Garland, and College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean Robert Davis.

Phillips 66 Partners with ChBE

May 28, 2013

Phillips 66 takes investment in the future seriously.  For years, the company has partnered with ChBE, supporting the department’s students, facilities and events along with other CU departments and programs. 

Co-op participant John Thilenius at Chevron

Meet Our Students: Co-op Participants John Thilenius, Andy Willett and Tyler Gleditsch

May 28, 2013

The ChBE co-op program is a professional development education program that allows undergraduate students to alternate professional work experiences with classroom coursework.  Students typically complete one year of work at their co-op company, either working continuously or alternating their work experience with academic terms.


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