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Professor Charles Musgrave

Computationally Designing Renewable Energy Solutions

January 14, 2014

Biking down a steep mountain road on his way to work last August, ChBE Professor and Associate Chair Charles Musgrave collided with a truck on a sharp bend, breaking his neck, collarbone, and four ribs. The fact that he showed up to teach on the first day of classes three days after surgery surprised neither his colleagues nor his students.

“I was excited to get back to teaching and research,” he admits.

Anna and John Blakney

Where Are They Now? The Blakney Family

January 14, 2014

When the late John Blakney Jr. enrolled in CU-Boulder’s Chemical and Biological Engineering Department (ChBE) in 1950, he started a family tradition.

Four Blakney family members spanning three generations have obtained degrees from the department, including patriarch John Blakney Jr.(BS ChE’54 and BU’54); his son John Blakney III (BS ChE’81) and daughter Susan Blakney (BS ChE’85); and most recently John III’s daughter Anna Blakney (BS ChBE’12).

Conversion of IR into visible light

Nagpal Group Demonstrates Devices that Convert Invisible Infrared Radiation, or “Heat”, Efficiently into Visible Light

December 10, 2013

More than 30% of the incident radiation from the sun is invisible infrared light, or “heat”, which cannot be absorbed by solar cells designed to convert light into electricity. Converting this infrared radiation efficiently into visible light can significantly increase the efficiency of photovoltaic conversion of sunlight into electricity, and open up avenues for using other waste-heat sources to generate electricity.

Prashant Nagpal

Prashant Nagpal Receives NSF CAREER Award

December 2, 2013

Assistant Professor Prashant Nagpal has received the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award for his proposal, "Using 'Hot' Carriers for Photovoltaics and Photocatalysis." The award carries a five-year, $500,000 grant to support his proposed research, education and outreach activities.

Alan Aguirre

Alan Aguirre is AIChE Featured Young Professional for Nov

November 21, 2013

Graduate student Alan Aguirre was chosen as the AIChE Featured Young Professional (YP) for the month of November.  Read his interview on the AIChE YP website.

Joel Kaar and Dan Schwartz

Research on Protein Structure and Interfacial Dynamics on Biomaterial Surfaces Published in PNAS

November 18, 2013

Understanding the effect of near-surface environments on protein conformation is critical in many fields, including biosensing, cell culture, tissue engineering, biocatalysis, and pharmaceutical formulation.  

Dan Schwartz

Dan Schwartz Elected to Chair Line of ACS Colloid and Surface Chemistry Division

November 7, 2013

ChBE Department Chair and Alfred T. and Betty E. Look Professor Dan Schwartz has been elected to the Chair line of the American Chemical Society's Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry.

Stoykovich group research on the cover of ACS Macro Letters

Stoykovich's Patterning Research Featured on Cover of ACS Macro Letters

October 22, 2013

The research of Assistant Professor Mark Stoykovich on solvent annealing of block copolymer thin films was recently featured on the cover of ACS Macro Letters.

Will Medlin and Dan Schwartz

Medlin and Schwartz's Biorefining Catalysis Work Published in Nature Communications

October 7, 2013

CU Chemical and Biological Engineering Professors Will Medlin and Dan Schwartz have discovered a way to improve biorefining catalysts used to convert biomass to fuel.


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