Faculty Awards

Christine Hrenya

Christine Hrenya Named Editor of Aerosol Science and Technology

April 5, 2013

The past several months have been exciting for Professor Christine Hrenya.

Janet de Grazia

Janet de Grazia Receives 2013 BFA Service Award

March 26, 2013

Associate Chair and Senior Instructor Janet de Grazia received the 2013 Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) award for Excellence in Service. Janet has now won the BFA awards for both Teaching (2010) and Service.

Christine Hrenya

Christine Hrenya Receives 2013 BFA Teaching Award

March 14, 2013

Professor Christine Hrenya was the recipient of the 2013 Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) Excellence in Teaching Award.

Chris Bowman

Bowman Group Receives NIH and Tech Transfer Grants

January 23, 2013

Professor Chris Bowman and his group received both a new NIH grant and a new tech transfer grant to work on artificial nucleic acids.

Chris Bowman named Distinguished Professor

November 19, 2012

Professor Chris Bowman was one of six University of Colorado faculty members to be named a Distinguished Professor, the most prestigious honor for faculty at the university. 

Each year, the recognition goes to faculty members who demonstrate exemplary performance in research or creative work, a record of excellence in classroom teaching and supervision of individual learning, and outstanding service to the profession, university and its affiliates.

Doug Gin named Ind. & Eng. Division Fellow by ACS

November 16, 2012

Congratulations to Doug Gin, who was named a 2013 Ind. & Eng. (I&EC) Division Fellow by the Americal Chemical Society.

ChBE Faculty Receive $400K GAANN Funding

November 15, 2012

ChBE faculty received $400K in total funding from the Department of Education for new Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) on the topic of Renewable and Sustainable Energy.  Leading the ChBE efforts were Al Weimer and Chris Bowman.

Professor Steve George

Steve George Receives DARPA Contract

November 1, 2012

Professor Steve George received a new DARPA Contract titled "Stepwise Sequence of Surface Reactions for Diamond and GaN Growth".

Kristi Anseth inducted in to Pinnacles of Inventorship 2012

August 10, 2012

Kristi Anseth was inducted in to the Pinnacles of Inventorship (2012), a CU system-wide all-star group recognizing continuous commitment to best practices in technology transfer.

Professor Steve George

Steve George elected President-Elect of the American Vacuum Society for 2013

January 14, 2012

In November of 2012, Professor Steve George was elected President-Elect of the American Vacuum Society for 2013.   


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