Anna and John Blakney

Where Are They Now? The Blakney Family

January 14, 2014

When the late John Blakney Jr. enrolled in CU-Boulder’s Chemical and Biological Engineering Department (ChBE) in 1950, he started a family tradition.

Four Blakney family members spanning three generations have obtained degrees from the department, including patriarch John Blakney Jr.(BS ChE’54 and BU’54); his son John Blakney III (BS ChE’81) and daughter Susan Blakney (BS ChE’85); and most recently John III’s daughter Anna Blakney (BS ChBE’12).

Kris Thunhorst

Kris Thunhorst, ChE PhD'98

August 27, 2013

Kris Thunhorst received her PhD in 1998 under the direction of Professors Chris Bowman and Rich Noble. Now a Senior Research Specialist in 3M’s Industrial Adhesives and Tape (IATD) Division, she serves as the Technical Program Manager for the Compressed Natural Gas Pressure Vessel Product portfolio.

ROMEOS members Ron West and Bill Krantz

Former Faculty Stay Connected through ROMEOS

August 27, 2013

During their monthly lunches at Murphy’s, ROMEOS members have solved major problems such as how to balance the federal budget, achieve peace in the Middle East, and get the two political parties to work together. As member Bill Krantz attests, “These were relatively easy for our experienced group.”

Arun Tholudur

Arun Tholudur, ChE PhD'98

May 28, 2013

Arun Tholudur received his PhD in 1998 under the direction of ChBE Professor Fred Ramirez, exploring advanced modeling and optimization techniques applied to bioprocesses.  Specifically, he investigated artificial neural networks in combination with fundamental mass balance equations to model cell growth and protein production. These networks were coupled with dynamic programming algorithms to maximize protein production.  

Heath Briggs

ChE Alum Heath Briggs named to Denver's 40 Under 40

March 26, 2013

CU alum Heath Briggs (ChemEngr '97) was recently named to the Denver Business Journal's Forty under 40 list. Awardees include up-and-coming leaders who are recognized for their business success and community contributions. 

CU Alum Bart Carpenter

Bart Carpenter, ChE BS'81

January 18, 2013

Bart Carpenter is a 1981 CU chemical engineering graduate who started his career at Conoco’s engineering center in Ponca City, OK.

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