ChBE Staff

Cathy Chierotti Cathy Chierotti
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Assistant to Kristi Anseth
Office: JSCBB A316
Phone: 303.735.5336
Ana Cleves
Office Administrator
Office: JSCBB A129
Phone: 303.735.8122
Dominique de Vangel Dominique de Vangel
Graduate Advisor
Office: JSCBB A128
Phone: 303.735.1975 or
Audrey Fisher Audrey S. Fisher
C2B2 Center Administrator
Office: JSCBB D1B
Phone: 303.492.7736
Jennifer Gifford
Assistant to the Chair
Office: JSCBB A125
Phone: 303.492.7471 or
Dana Hauschulz Dana Hauschulz
Electronics Engineer
Office: JSCBB B1B01A
Phone: 303.492.6681
Ann Greco Ann Greco
Laboratory Coordinator
Office: ECCH 1B70
Phone: 303.492.2991
Dragan Mejic Dragan Mejic
Shop Manager, Instrument Maker / Fabricator
Office: JSCBB B1B20A
Phone: 303.735.5901
Lauren Miremont Lauren Miremont
Finance Manager
Office: JSCBB A129
Phone: 303.492.2437
Karen Nielsen Karen Nielsen
Professional Research Assistant, Langmuir
Office: JSCBB D128
Phone: 303.492.2564
Deb Renshaw Deb Renshaw
Undergraduate Advisor
Office: JSCBB A127
Phone: 303.735.8001
Ellen Romig Ellen Romig
Administrative Assistant
Office: JSCBB A131
Phone: 303.492.6650
Andrew Schmidt Andrew Schmidt
Accounting Technician
Office: JSCBB A133
Phone: 303.492.2188
Maria Toscano-Leary Maria Toscano-Leary
Electronics Engineer
Office: JSCBB B1B01A
Phone: 303.492.8125