ChBE Faculty

Kristi Anseth

Kristi S. Anseth - Distinguished Professor, Tisone Professor and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator (PhD, University of Colorado, 1994) Biomaterials, drug delivery, stem cells and regenerative medicine
Tom Belval
Tom Belval - Senior Instructor (PhD, Rice University, 1984)
Chris Bowman
Christopher N. Bowman - Distinguished Professor, Patten Professor, Professor of Dentistry, and Co-Director I/UCRC (PhD, Purdue, 1991) Biomaterials, photopolymerization, reaction kinetics, polymer chemistry
Stephanie Bryant
Stephanie J. Bryant - Associate Professor (PhD, University of Colorado, 2002) Functional tissue engineering, photopolymerization, biomaterials
Jennifer Cha
Jennifer N. Cha - Norviel Associate Professor and Associate Chair (PhD, University of California at Santa Barbara, 2001) Nanoscience, nanoengineering, biomaterials, surface science, colloids, self-assembly
Anushree Chatterjee
Anushree Chatterjee - Assistant Professor (PhD, University of Minnesota, 2011) Synthetic biology, systems biology, metabolic engineering, computational biology, bio-fuels, antibiotic and antiviral resistance, antimicrobial discovery, virology, infectious disease models, Hepatitis C virus, gene regulatory networks
David Clough
David E. Clough - Professor (PhD, University of Colorado, 1975) Dynamics and control of fluidized-bed process, adaptive control of chemical processes, expert systems in process control, real-time computing
Rob Davis
Robert H. Davis - Tisone Professor and Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science (PhD, Stanford, 1983) Fluid mechanics of suspensions, sedimentation, coagulation, filtration, particle collisions in fluids, microbial suspensions, biotechnology, membrane fouling
Janet DeGrazia
Janet deGrazia - Senior Instructor and Associate Chair (PhD, University of Colorado, 1998)
Dylan Domaille
Dylan Domaille - Assistant Research Professor (PhD, UC Berkeley, 2011)
John Falconer
John L. Falconer - Mel and Virginia Clark Professor and President's Teaching Scholar (PhD, Stanford, 1974) Inorganic membranes, heterogeneous catalysis, solar cells, and applications of atomic and molecular layer deposition to catalysts and membranes
Jerome Fox

Jerome M. Fox – Assistant Professor (PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 2012) Biochemical engineering, biocatalysis, synthetic biology, biophysical chemistry, molecular recognition, drug design, complex systems, energy

Hans Funke
Hans Funke - Associate Professor Adjunct (Ph.D. University of Heidelberg) Separations, inorganic membranes, nanoporous materials, thermochemical cycles
Ryan Gill
Ryan T. Gill - Wilfred and Caroline Slade Endowed Professor (PhD, University of Maryland, 1999) Evolutionary and inverse metabolic engineering, genomics, synthetic biology
Doug Gin
Douglas L. Gin - Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Chemistry and Biochemistry (PhD, California Institute of Technology, 1993) Polymer science, liquid crystal engineering, and nanomaterials chemistry
Andrew Goodwin
Andrew P. Goodwin - Assistant Professor (PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 2007) Colloid and interface science, polymer science and engineering, self-assembly, chemical synthesis, imaging, drug delivery, cancer research
Hendrik Heinz
Hendrik Heinz - Associate Professor (PhD, ETH Zurich, 2003) Simulation of biological and nanostructured materials, development of force fields and simulation tools, minerals, (bio)polymers, metals
Adam Holewinski
Adam Holewinski - Assistant Professor and RASEI Fellow (PhD, University of Michigan, 2013) Heterogeneous catalysis and electrochemistry for sustainability; catalyst synthesis and characterization; microscopy, spectroscopy, and scattering techniques; computational chemistry and kinetic modeling
Christine Hrenya
Christine M. Hrenya - Professor (PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 1996) Gas-particle fluidization, granular flow mechanics, turbulent flows, computational fluid mechanics
Joel Kaar
Joel L. Kaar - Assistant Professor (PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 2007) Non-aqueous enzymology, protein structure and function at material interfaces, protein engineering, biofuels, tissue engineering, and bioremediation
Melissa Mahoney
Melissa J. Mahoney - Instructor (PhD, Cornell University, 2000)
Will Medlin
J. Will Medlin - Denver Business Challenge Endowed Professor, C2B2 Site Director (PhD, University of Delaware, 2001) Surface chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, solid-state chemical sensors, computational chemistry
Charles Musgrave
Charles B. Musgrave - Department Chair and Professor (PhD, California Institute of Technology, 1994) Catalysis for energy conversion and storage, photovoltaic, batteries, atomic and molecular layer deposition, nanotechnology
Prashant Nagpal
Prashant Nagpal - Assistant Professor (PhD, University of Minnesota, 2009) Nanoscale optoelectronics in isolated and nanoparticle assemblies, Optical nanomaterials and Nano-optics, Plasmonics and metamaterials, Semiconductor quantum dots, Nanoparticle synthesis, Self-assembly, Nanostructured devices, Biological and chemical sensors
Richard Noble
Richard D. Noble - Alfred T. and Betty E. Look Professor (PhD, University of California at Davis, 1976) Co-director MAST, Reversible chemical complexation for separations, mass transfer, mathematical modeling, membranes, thin films
Charlie Nuttelman
Charlie Nuttelman - Instructor and Faculty Director of the Biomedical Engineering Minor Program (PhD, University of Colorado, 2005) Focused on undergraduate education and searching for novel techniques to improve engineering student comprehension and learning
Theodore Randolph
Theodore W. Randolph - Professor and Gillespie Professor (PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 1987) Thermodynamics of protein solutions, lyophilization, supercritical fluid reaction engineering
Dan Schwartz
Daniel K. Schwartz - Glenn L. Murphy Endowed Professor and Associate Chair (PhD, Harvard, 1991) Senior Editor of Langmuir, Interfacial phenomena, Biomolecules at interfaces, Surface modification via molecular self-assembly, Single-molecule microscopy methods, Nanoscale surface structures.
Jeff Sczechowski
Jeffrey Sczechowski - Senior Instructor (PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, 1994)
Michael Shirts
Michael R. Shirts - Associate Professor (PhD, Stanford University, 2005) Materials modeling, molecular simulation methods, statistical mechanics, pharmaceutical design
Jeff Stansbury
Jeffrey W. Stansbury - Professor of Dentistry and Chemical and Biological Engineering (PhD, University of Maryland, 1988) Dental and biomedical polymeric materials, photopolymerization processes, network polymers, hydrogels, low shrinkage/expanding polymerizations
Al Weimer
Alan W. Weimer - H.T. Sears Memorial Professor and C2B2 Executive Director (PhD, University of Colorado, 1980) Particle surface modification, solar-thermal processing; nano-energy
Wendy Young
Wendy Young - Senior Instructor and Director of External Relations (PhD, University of Colorado, 2002) Marketing, mentor programs, job opportunities, website, social media, fundraising

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