Meet Our Alumni

Mixer at Fate - Andrew Adrienne Rich Ryon and Joe

ChBE students and alumni mentors met in February at Fate Brewery in Boulder. From left, Andrew Darress (CBEN senior), Adrienne Blum (ChemEngr ‘11), Richard Noack (CHEN junior), Ryon Tracy (ChemEngr ‘12), and Joe Poshusta (ChemEngr PhD‘99).

Vern Norviel

When the founders of OPX Biotechnologies were formulating the company, they turned to Vern Norviel for help.

Bill Krantz

Since retiring from ChBE in 1999, Professor Emeritus William (Bill) Krantz has stayed active in the fields of water treatment and desalination.

Professor Emeritus Bob Sani at the Thula Thula game reserve in South Africa

We in the department are often asked about former ChBE faculty and staff: where they are, what they are doing. Below are updates on some of our wonderful former faculty and staff.

Sam Torrance and Brian Kihn

Six months after it was first implemented, ChBE’s mentoring program is proving to be beneficial to student and alumni participants alike. 

Anna and John Blakney

When the late John Blakney Jr. enrolled in CU-Boulder’s Chemical and Biological Engineering Department (ChBE) in 1950, he started a family tradition.

Kris Thunhorst

Kris Thunhorst received her PhD in 1998 under the direction of Professors Chris Bowman and Rich Noble.

ROMEOS members Ron West and Bill Krantz

During their monthly lunches at Murphy’s, ROMEOS members have solved major problems such as how to balance the federal budget, achieve peace in the Middle East, and get the two political parties to work together.

Arun Tholudur

Arun Tholudur received his PhD in 1998 under the direction of ChBE Professor Fred Ramirez, exploring advanced modeling and optimization techniques applied to bioprocesses.  Specifically, he investigated artificial neural networks

Heath Briggs

CU alum Heath Briggs (ChemEngr '97) was recently named to the Denver Business Journal's Forty under 4