Why ChBE for Graduate School?

Our goal is to prepare our students, through both innovative coursework and challenging research, to be leaders in the many emerging fields that demand chemical and biological engineers.

Professor Rich Noble and studentCompare us to other institutions nationwide.

 •  2nd in new grants per faculty*
 •  5th in total value of new grants per faculty*
 •  8th in Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index*
 •  10th in publications per faculty*
 •  10th in citations per faculty*
 •  10th in citations per paper*
 •  10th among public graduate programs**
 •  17th among all graduate programs**
 •  2012 research expenditures per faculty = $620K

* Chronicle of Higher Education (2011)
** U.S. News & World Report (2012)

Caroline SzczepanskiGraduate Student Profile (AY 2013-14)

•  Students: 128 (>95% are full-time PhD students)
•  Average incoming grad student GPA=3.86/4.0
•  Average incoming grad student Quant GRE=162/170
•  Undergraduate backgrounds:
    •  Biological Engineering
    •  Biomedical Engineering
    •  Chemical Engineering
    •  Chemistry
    •  Material Science
    •  Mechanical Engineering
    •  Polymer Science

Graduate Student Excellence

•  NSF Graduate Fellows: 9
•  NASA Graduate Researchers: 1
•  NIH Fellows: 9
•  Department of Education GAANN Fellows: 11
•  Whitaker Fellows: 2
•  Balsells Fellows: 5
•  Best PhD in AIChE Particle Technology Award: 1
•  Phillips66 Fellows: 3
•  Current alumni faculty members: 24
•  CU Distinguished Engineering Alumni Awards: > 30

Stephanie BryantFaculty Profile

  • Faculty (tenured or tenure-track): 24 (including 2 joint appointments with Chemistry)
  • Number of peer-reviewed publications per faculty per year: 8
  • Average sponsored research funding per faculty: $620,000/year


Faculty Excellence in Research

•  18/24 faculty have won ≥1 national research awards
•  Major research awards:
    •  Elected member of National Academy of Engineering (1)
    •  Elected member of the Institute of Medicine (1)
    •  Elected member of National Academy of Sciences (1)
    •  AIChE Professional Progress Award (2)
    •  National Science Foundation Presidential Faculty Fellow (1)
    •  Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Investigator (1)
    •  AIChE Colburn Award (2)
    •  NSF Presidential Young Investigator (4)
    •  Department of Energy Early Career Award (2)
    •  NSF CAREER Award (5)
    •  Alfred P. Sloan Fellow (3)
    •  Camille-Dreyfus Teacher Scholar (3)
    •  National Institutes of Health (NIH) FIRST Award (2)
    •  MRS Outstanding Young Investigator (2)
    •  Department of Energy's Early Career Research Program Award (1)
    •  ASEE Dow Lectureship (1)

Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology BuildingNew Facilities

  • ChBE's facilities built in 2012: Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Numerous Research Centers
  • New facilities also house BioFrontiers Institute and Division of Biochemistry
  • Close proximity to national labs (NREL, NIST, NCAR, NOAA)
  • Successful start-up companies based on ChBE research

Nick Sandoval"The school is highly ranked, so I know that my degree will be looked at with respect when I leave here. The ChBE department cares about its graduate students' progression as scientists." - Nicholas Sandoval

"I like that the ChBE department is an open department. I wouldn't feel nervous about knocking on any professor's door with a question" - Stephanie Malone