McKinnon to Give Talk on Agricultural Imaging at DroneCon

June 17, 2014

Agribotix drone

Since graduating with his Ph.D. this spring, Dan McKinnon has been developing drone imaging technology for the company Agribotix; the goal is to provide field analysis to agricultural clients. McKinnon will be giving a talk about using drones for agriculture at DroneCon this coming Friday 6/20 in ATLAS at 3:25.

Drone imageAgribotix uses drones (pictured right) to provide affordable, high resolution, and timely images and maps of fields that allow agricultural clients to increase efficiencies. For instance, the map on the left is of a barley field near Longmont taken using an IR camera and then post-processed to show areas of high (green), low (red), and no (black & white) vegetation density.

While at CU, McKinnon worked under the advisement of Distinguished Professor Kristi Anseth on developing dynamic chemistries for biomaterials applications. He developed an expertise in optics and image processing through his graduate research, which he translates into developing the Agribotix image collection and processing strategies.

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