ChBE Graduate Students Receive NSF Fellowship Awards

April 3, 2014

Ian Marozas Colleen Courtney and Keesha Erickson

ChBE graduate students Ian Marozas and Colleen Courtney have both been chosen to receive NSF Fellowship Awards, while Keesha Erickson is the recipient of an NSF Honorable Mention. Marozas has also been awarded a Ford Fellowship.

Advised by Distinguished Professor Kristi Anseth, Marozas is developing dynamic cell scaffolds through photochemical reactions. Courtney, advised by Assistant Professor Anushree Chatterjee, is working on the design of smart antimicrobials. Erickson is co-advised by Chatterjee and Associate Professor Ryan Gill and is investigating mutational-space of metabolic networks for optimizing pathway for biofuel production.

Pictured: Ian Marozas, Colleen Courtney, and Keesha Erickson.

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