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Cultural Events Board Funding Resources

The Student Organizations Finance Office (SOFO) MUST review and approve ALL event budgets BEFORE they may be submitted to CEB for consideration.

“SOFO Budget Review Deadline” is a mandatory budget review deadline. All groups must have their initial budgets reviewed by the SOFO events coordinator before the deadline date. Do not miss this deadline!

Groups have until the “Budget Approval Deadline” to finalize their proposals for final SOFO review (do not wait until the last minute!). Please call 492-6366 for an appointment. Proposals cannot be submitted to CEB without prior SOFO review and signature.

Please bring your completed proposal with you to SOFO, UMC 231 for this review meeting. Event space must be confirmed in writing before budgets can be approved.

SOFO 4/12

Links to Useful Funding Resouces

CEB Funding Overview

Evaluation Form

CEB Bylaws 2013

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Student Group SOFO Event Proposal

Proposal Deadlines 2014/2015

September & October Events (2014)
SOFO Budget Review Deadline June 25 (W)
Budget Approval Deadline June 27 (F)
1st Reading June 30 (M)
2nd Reading July 7 (M)
Event Meetings w/SOFO July 8 &18 (T-F)

November & December Events (2014)
SOFO Budget Review Deadline September 3 (W)
Budget Approval Deadline September 5 (F)
1st Reading September 8 (M)
2nd Reading September 15 (M)
Event Meetings w/SOFO September 17 & 24 (W-W)

January & February Events (2015)
SOFO Budget Review Deadline October 8 (W)
Budget Approval Deadline October 10 (F)
1st Reading October 13 (M)
2nd Reading October 20 (M)
Event Meetings w/SOFO October 23 & 31(TH-F)

March Events (2015)
SOFO Budget Review Deadline October 29 (W)
Budget Approval Deadline October 31 (F)
1st Reading November 3 (M)
2nd Reading November 10 (M)
Event Meetings w/SOFO December 13 & 21 (TH-F)

April Events (2015)
SOFO Budget Review Deadline January 21 (W)
Budget Approval Deadline January 23 (F)
1st Reading January 26 (M)
2nd Reading February 2 (M)
Event Meetings w/SOFO February 5 & 13 (TH-F)