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AREN 2406 (3 credits). Introduction to Building Construction
Covers the broad subject of building materials, assembly details, and their method of construction. Includes codes and classifications, foundations, wood, steel, concrete, masonry, cladding, doors and windows, interiors, and finishes.

AREN 4420 (3 credits). Cost Engineering
Focuses on conceptual cost estimating and evaluation techniques to support engineering design. Topics include assemblies estimating, probabilistic estimating, value engineering, constructability concepts, and life-cycle costing.

AREN 4466 (3 credits). Construction Planning and Scheduling
Comprehensively studies project management activities for scheduling and delivering construction projects, including the contractor's role in preconstruction and construction activities and the application of CPM/PERT techniques to the planning, scheduling, and control of a construction project.

CVEN 3246 (3 credits). Introduction to Construction
¬†Broad view of concerns, activities, and objectives of people involved in construction: the owner, architect/engineer, contractor, labor, and inspector. Interactive gaming situation relates these people to the construction contract, plans/specifications, estimates/bids, scheduling, law, engineering economics, and financial management. 

CVEN 3256 (3 credits). Construction Equipment and Methods
Integrated study of construction equipment, methods, and economics. Topics include equipment productivity, equipment selection, and construction engineering design within economic constraints. Examples include earthmoving, concrete formwork, and temporary construction.

CVEN 4087 (3 credits). Construction Contract Administration
Students will develop a working understanding of the various types of contracts, key contract provisions, how to evaluate contract risk, ethical requirements, and most importantly explore effective contract administration. Construction and engineering contracts are at the core of all project relationships. Through lecture, group dialog and case studies students will develop confidence in their ability to assess, understand and deploy contract administration in a construction setting.